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About Us

The Laundry Centers provides tailored laundry services to residential and commercial customers in metro Atlanta neighborhood communities. We offer a clean and bright environment furnished with comfortable seating, flat-screen TVs, satellite radio, free coffee, free wifi, and an outdoor patio to make doing laundry more pleasurable. Our friendly attendants provide the most attentive customer service and keep our facility spotless.

We accept coin, credit/debit card and mobile pay so making sure you have enough change is never a concern. Our Laundry Centers loyalty card can be reloaded on-site or online as often as needed.

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Our Services

Commercial Laundry Services

We offer the best, high-quality and reliable commercial laundry service to a wide range of commercial businesses in Atlanta, serving as the trusted partner for all your laundry needs. We recognize the significance of cleanliness and presentation in your business, which is why we consistently exceed expectations to deliver exceptional results.

We ensure that your laundry is cleaned by the best, so you can continue providing quality service to your customers. You can rest assured your laundry will receive professional oversight and will be returned in a timely and reliable manner.

Drop Off Laundry Service

Short on time? You can complete your laundry in just 5 minutes! Spend only 3 minutes to drop off your laundry and another 2 minutes to pick it up. We fully understand that time is of the essence, particularly for busy professionals and businesses. Therefore, we have streamlined our process to ensure a quick and hassle-free experience.

Pick Up & Delivery Service

One pick up – two services. Furthermore, in addition to our wash and fold laundry service, we offer expert dry cleaning. Not only that, but we also provide speedy delivery, ensuring convenience and quality laundry service in Atlanta. You can easily schedule pick-ups from Monday to Friday, excluding major holidays.

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What Our Customers Are Saying

  • A clean, tidy and organized laundry facility with great staff. Highly recommend if you’re in the Atlanta area

    Matt Orchowski Avatar Matt Orchowski
  • A necessary place to visit to do one's laundry.

    Hani Abbas Avatar Hani Abbas
  • Best staff vs. the laundry center across from them. The machines are up to date, and for an average load to dry, it does cost 1.50; however, it only takes... read more

    Ashanti Sims Avatar Ashanti Sims
  • Great modern equipment, great customer service, clean, and safe. They had the perfect music at the right volume which was the icing on the cake for me. I’m from out... read more

    Lady L Avatar Lady L
  • I had a great experience. I felt safe. The machines were all working and place was clean.

    PlayMas Today Avatar PlayMas Today
  • Friendly and helpful staff. Never go on Sundays or Mondays very busy. Overall I no complaints.

    Tiffany Helton Avatar Tiffany Helton
  • Today was my first day at this laundry mat the stuff are very helpful and respectful ... They make sure that no one is holding the washer or dryer.. Great... read more

    Sharhonda Jones Avatar Sharhonda Jones

Customer service was friendly, drop off and pick up were efficient, and everything was finished early. Everything came back neatly folded and smelling absolutely fabulous.

The staff is great! My clothes came out really clean. I came Tuesday around 7:30, and it was a fast, smooth process. They even fold your clothes for you. Washed all under $10.

Came here on a whim because our washer and dryer won’t be delivered for another week. Super friendly staff & quick washers/dryers. Will definitely be back.

I still love The Laundry Centers! It's been about 3 years since I started utilizing them (2 locations) for my property management business and I look forward to many more.

Frequently Asked Questions

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Submit your ZIP Code below. If we don’t service your area yet, please provide your name and email to be placed on our waiting list. We will notify you when we begin servicing your area.

Once you enter your ZIP Code, you’ll be able to select the plan that works best for you. Crave routine? Then sign up for the “Recurring” service, tell us when to come, and we’ll be there every week. Prefer a bit more flexibility? We also offer a “By Request” service so you can use us only when you need us.

You can choose your detergent, softener, dryer sheets, bleach, and color-safe bleach from our wide assortment of familiar brands. If you have any special instructions or requests, just let us know. The last step is entering your billing information, and you’re on your way to a laundry-free life.
The only things you need to do between now and Laundry Nirvana are:

  1. Ensure you have entered your cell phone number and email address in your account so you can receive reminders and alerts as per your preference.

  2. Leave your laundry out on the day of laundry pickup. For your first cleaning and laundry services, please use disposable or fabric bags marked with your name and “for the laundry centers.” Please do not use hampers or boxes of any sort. Recurring customers will receive our laundry center’s blue laundry bag, which holds 40-50 lbs of laundry for your future services!

  3. We will return your clothes within 24 hours. Please put them in your closet(s) and forget about having to do laundry ever again.
Your perfectly washed and folded clothes will be returned to you 24 hours after we pick them up.
Yes, we offer both wash and fold as well as dry-cleaning.
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