How We Best Serve You as a Laundromat


TLC has a mix of more than 100 large loads, high-speed washers, and efficient dryers that save up to 40% of normal wash time, and help to wash and fold and get your laundry done in one hour.

Laundry Pick Up And Delivery

 We offer Pick-up & Delivery service for our weekly customers. Schedule using our online system or by phone. We can pick up and deliver to your home or office.

Commercial Laundry Service

Our 4,000 square foot laundry facility can wash up to 1,200 pounds of laundry in 30 minutes. We offer high quality and reliable laundry services to a wide range of businesses. Click here to learn more about our commercial laundry service.

Additional Services
We Provide

Drop-Off Laundry

Do your complete wash in just 5 minutes. 3 minutes to drop it off – 2 minutes to pick it up. Let us do the rest.